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How a completely hand-crafted garment comes to life.
1. Choice of style and fabric, then measurements.
Time to get to know you: your physique, your life style, your tastes and preferences. We then introduce you to the different bespoke styles, details, fabrics and trimmings you could choose from. Last, we take your measurements.
2. Pattern drawing and fabric cutting
We draw and cut your unique pattern by hand. The fabric panels are handed over to the seamstress or tailor specialising in your garment who roughly stitch the pieces together using a white thread, called the basting thread.
3. First fitting
At your first fitting the tailor can see how well the garment is working on you: how it fits, how it hangs, how it moves. At this stage your coat or overcoat will only have one sleeve attached, no linings and no pockets; your trousers will have no pockets and no buttons.
4. Second fitting
At the second fitting your garment will be closer to what you might expect to see – e.g. lining and pockets will be present – and some details such as coat’s sleeves length and lapels’ curvature, as well as trousers’ hem style (cuffed or plain), can still be altered to make your bespoke commission uniquely suited to you and your style.
5. Pressing, final try on and delivery
Your garment is skilfully pressed before the final try on and delivery. But our service doesn’t end here: we check in with you a few weeks later and we’re available for further pressings, as well as for help with repairs or further alterations.