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Cut and details

Sartoria Vergallo 1943

Sartoria Vergallo belongs to the so called Milanese tailoring school: our cut is much softer than any English tailor’s, especially around chest and shoulders, but less than any Neapolitan tailor’s. While our garments have very distinctive details, we are always happy to accommodate a client’s needs provided the garment is tasteful and flattering.


Sartoria Vergallo 1943
The shoulder
Very lightly padded, our shoulder slopes off naturally without virtually any roll
The breast pocket
Nicely curved welt breast pocket, barchetta (“little boat”) style
The lower foreparts
The darts in the forepart end at the pocket, making the bottom a single piece.
The lapel
Curved-edge lapels, hand drawn and hand cut by Gianni to suit both the garment’s and the client’s style.


Sartoria Vergallo 1943
The waist band
A very important detail to the comfort of trousers, the padding and the height of the waist band are tailored to each client’s need.
The lining
Nicely curved welt breast pocket, barchetta (“little boat”) style.
The front pockets
Our signature pockets are placed along the side seams and have reinforced edges (welts) of the slit, which are partially decorative and partially practical support.